Research Overview

This project investigates unanswered scientific questions relevant to the modification and manipulation of electronic materials and quantum devices from ion irradiation:

  • Correlate changes in material electrical properties, with irradiation-induced structure defects at the nanoscale.
ion beam
  • Uncover relationships between the performance characteristics of quantum devices with radiation-induced structural defects to better understand how they affect fundamental parameters such as energy gap, coherence length, and device properties such as noise, and sensitivity.
Resistivity as a function of temperature for ion irradiated films of YBCO.
  • Compare and contrast how irradiated electronic materials are influenced by implant ion energy, mass, and radiation fluence.
  • Investigate and discern the effects of chemical doping and lattice disorder in ion-beam-modified materials.
  • Study interactions between ferromagnetic and superconducting quantum order: these studies will be conducted via implantation of magnetic ions into superconductor bulkmaterials and into devices.