Student Opportunities

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Cybart's and Bartels' lab offer undergraduate research opportunities both during the academic year and the summer. If you are interested in our research, a UCR undergraduate student, and interested in joining our research groups during the academic year, contact us directly via email referencing MEMENVYS UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH in the subject line. MEMENCYS will also offer a summer program each year that is open to undergraduate students across Southern California. The summer program offers a fellowship and a structured research experience. Until a dedicated MEMENCYS summer program website is developed, please use the MacREU application form and indicate MEMENCYS where in the MacREU application it asks for the preferred faculty supervisor. The MEMENCYS summer program will join MacREU for many activities and borrow from its structure. 

Graduate Research Opportunities

MEMENCYS offers up to 6 graduate student research positions in UC, two each in the labs of Cybart (UCR), Bartels (UCR), and Pan (UCI). Please contact the respective faculty if you are interested. 

Postdoctoral Leadership and Training Opportunity

MEMENCYS offers one-two postdoctoral leadership opportunities. The MEMENCYS postdoc conducts research within the framework of all participating research groups, providing cohesion and guidance to the graduate and undergraduate researchers. If you are interested, please contact the principal investigators directly.